Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey : MADE FOR BY YOU

Life is what you imagine it to be. It is about being forever curious and open to change. Open to shed the old familiar and embrace the new unknown. Hokey Pokey is how we live our life, limited only by the boundaries of our imagination.

PHEW! Now that we’ve got the heavy inspirational matter out of the way, bottom line- Hokey Pokey is some ridiculously good ice cream! No seriously, this stuff is mind blowing, take a look www.hokeypokey.in

We also have a background story on how we met BLAH BLAH BLAH, if you really want to know,  Click Here


Customary Mission Statement

We just want you to live life to the fullest by having an unforgettable indulging consumption experience. Should we be looking to do more?



Be the first ice cream to reach space.

Oh wait, someone might have already done that. Hmmmm…

Who We Are

Our Story, Background, BLAH, BLAH

Rohan and Milap, childhood friends, always had a vision to launch a business venture together in India. After getting their respective degrees (Rohan in finance and Milap in Computer Science), they got good paying jobs with good paying companies. Read More



Two Frequently Asked Questions

What does DRUMS stand for?

We are not drummers and none of us play any music. We took letters of family members and just got lazy. It was either RAMS or DRUMS, we picked the easy one.

Do you sit around eating ice cream all day?

The answer is yes. Most of us have a belly that we have earned through hard work and effort. This isn’t easy.


Us ( The Team, The Management, The Fools )

team 1

Rohan - The Dreamer

team 1

Ganesh - The Perfectionist

team 1

Milap - The Pragmatist

team 1

Uday - The Payment Facilitator

team 1

Ankur - The Brand Ninja

team 1

Vijay - The Yogic Executor

Press & Media

Contact us


  • DRUMS Food International Pvt. Ltd.
  • Office no.-2, Plot no. 9,
  • L.B.S Marg,
  • Behind Samruddh CNG Pump
  • Kurla (West)
  • Mumbai- 400 070