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Rohan - The Dreamer

Yes, Rohan spends most of his day dreaming and staring up at the sky. He never really knows what’s going on at the current time but somehow seems to know what will happen the next day or the next week. He graduated New York University’s Stern School and started his career in finance at Duff & Phelps Investment Bank and then when he didn’t have enough of taking exams and getting poor grades, he decided to go back and study more. In 2012, he somehow graduated from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, with an MBA.
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Ganesh - The Perfectionist

When Chef isn't yelling at someone, he's busy ensuring everything is perfect. His desk, his laptop, and most importantly... the ice cream! With over 25 years of immense F&B experience (including stings on the Food Food network show and setting up over 100 F&B assignments), he decided to hang up his chef hat and sell the most amazing ice cream yet to see India. We still call him Chef though.
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Milap - The Pragmatist

When you have a dreamer and a perfectionist on your team, someone needs to balance them out. Magically, Milap finds 30 hours in a 24 hour workday and somehow spends the created hours with us while he runs another company, Print Stop. It’s a good thing Milap got his master’s degree in computer science from Stanford because it comes to great use when settling disagreements between Rohan and Ganesh.
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Uday - The Payment Facilitator

We all know how difficult and enduring it is to follow up on payments in India. This is probably the most important yet hardest job at the company. So much so that we needed a former member of the State Bank of India’s Los Angeles branch to help us out. Uday is all smiles, but you don’t want to get his phone call.
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Ankur - The Brand Ninja

The baby of the team, he’s a young ninja working towards Kuji-Kiri. Such is his love for ice creams that he left his job at Infosys as an SAP consultant to make sure that the world gets a piece of this good stuff! Full of youthful optimism and energy, Ankur spends most hours of the day eating ice creams (R&D he calls it). Don’t drop by the office if you want to catch him, he’s all over the place and is seen sometimes with his sensei on the field. Do try and catch him at one of our parlours, because this will lead to a free ice cream for you!
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Vijay - The Yogic Executor

Cool and calm at all times and situations, Vijay Nagariya is game for anything thrown at him. A yogi of sorts with a get-it-done attitude, he believes in doing things rather than pondering. Vijay is a wealth of knowledge through his 18 years of experience in FMCG, including his own Kwality Walls distribution outfit. He is quite the stickler for systems and processes, just ask us! He needs to be as he’s the one who finally gets the amazingingly good ice cream from the factory to a place where we can all enjoy.